Lost Planet 3 – Better than the Critics Gave it Credit For

Lost Planet the original game was a delight! Giant creatures to slay on a snow covered planet,

responsive controls and a good story. It wasn’t a smashing success, but it kept the user interest, and hence a sequel was announced. Things went pretty downhill for Capcom from there. The sequel had buggy controls and glitches, so I guess when the third part of the game was announced, gamers and critics alike didn’t put much stock in it.

The story of the third installment takes place 50 years in the past and traces the origin of the first settlers on an alien planet sent there to mine for T-Energy. T-Energy is supposedly the answer to solving earth’s energy crisis. The story is simplistic but works just fine as further down the line it unravels secrets and sub plots. The game play is interesting with putting a whole arsenal of new weaponry at the player’s disposal and introducing a cover system. There are plenty of alien bugs to squash and roaming about in the giant mech suit, which is rendered perfectly.

The game AI is fairly decent but sometimes tends to overwhelm with too many enemies on the screen. When faced with such a situation, the best option is to hightail it out of there. The most incredible and memorable phase of the game has got to be the final boss; in fact, all the boss fights are pretty immersive. The bosses can’t be defeated by simply blowing them full of holes! Oh no, you have to figure out the weakness of each individual boss to bring it down systematically.

I don’t know why the critics didn’t show this game any love and ranked it so low. It’s a huge (in every sense of the word) improvement over the previous installment.


Subway Surfers visits Beijing

Subway Surfers has now gone to Beijing. You can get the update from Google play. It comes with many new features and enhancements including:

What’s new in Subway surfers Beijing:
-Explore mystical China with acrobatic Sun, the Beijing limited character
-Reach the rooftops and explore the heights with the amazing new Power Jumper
-Find the hidden dragons along the Subway tracks and unlock weekly prizes
-Personalize Fresh with the cool new Sport Outfit and Funk Outfit

There is also a new Beijing special character i,e Sun which maybe unlocked by using over 50,000 coins.

ss beijing

Get SubwaySurfers with unlimit coins&keys


GTA V for PC Petition Passes 200,000 Signatures

The online petition on change.org asking Rockstar Games to release the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V crossed yet another milestone by surpassing 200,000 signatures. The exact signatures at the press time were almost 207,971 on the online document.

GTA fans from all around the world came forward to sign the petition so that they could see a PC version of their favourite game and have fun at their leisure times. The figure was 100,000 in November 2012 and increased up to 150,000 in February 2013.


The Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser said on behalf of the company that the PC version is “up for consideration” but no guarantee was given of its release.

The petition said it’s mighty shameful that still no step has been taken towards this issue by the company especially after calling out the modding community. A line from the petition says “Modded GTA is some of the most insanely fun times you can have”.

Grant Theft Auto IV is PC version was launched 8 months after the console version was shipped in early 2008.


78.2 Million Xbox 360s Sold Worldwide

Microsoft confirms that they have sold nearly 78.2 million Xbox around the globe since it’s initially release in 2005. 1 million Xbox were sold last month therefore pushing the total near to 80 million. These findings were published in the latest earnings report by Microsoft.

The sales from last month are actually lower than 1.1 million of the same month last year indicating a slight drift downwards. But the company is still expecting to achieve the 80 million mark before the release of Xbox One in November which is priced at $500.


Xbox Live has been constantly growing and is expected to grow further before the year ends. The company said

“Entertainment and Devices Division grew 8% for the fourth quarter and 6% for the full year. During the quarter, transactional revenue within Xbox LIVE grew nearly 20%, and we unveiled our next-generation gaming and entertainment console, Xbox One.”

In comparison with PlayStation 3 sales which are estimated to be around 77 million Xbox is still on the lead. Meanwhile, the original Wii has left them both gaping as it leads the race with the sales of approximately 100 million up to date and expecting a further increase.


New Android 4.3 Unveiled

Later than anticipated but Google has finally unveiled the most awaited Android 4.3 version this Wednesday in San Francisco. It is not entirely different from the previous versions nor does it have a lot of new things to go gaga for, but some of its features like performance improvements and restricted profile features are worth it all. Technically it is still an advance version of Jelly Bean given the fact that it hasn’t changed much. This may also be disappointing for the customers who have been waiting for Key Lime Pie since Google I/O in May.

android 4.3

The general framework is same as the previous version. The home screen and app draws appear to be same and Google Now, Search, and Notifications all feel familiar. But some additions have definitely been made.

Multi-User Restricted Profile is the main essence of this version. It lets you control the usage of apps and other contents on a user level. It was already available in 4.2.2 but the restricted feature was long due. This is expected to be a big hit especially among the parents who can now monitor their child’s activities easily. Google is obviously trying to lure more customers by offering such unique feature. It will also help developer to built app-in restriction.

Bluetooth Smart Technology is another intriguing feature, though the availability of it now on android came as no surprise to the users since it has been available on IOS since 2012. It allows you to connect with the newer generation of power-efficient accessories that use Bluetooth Smart causing less strain on the battery as well.

Open GL ES 3.0 was incorporated in android 4.3 to make the gamers happy and it certainly did the trick. With enhanced features and clear graphics it makes 4.3 a better version for gaming. Google’s demo showed us impressive textures, lens flares, and reflections that the older OS would have had trouble displaying.

Besides the above mentioned additions a lot of improvements have also been made, for example autocomplete Android Dialer, Emoji keyboard and Wi-Fi scan-only mode.

This is expected to be a big hit among the android users by Google.

Samsung Galaxy S III running Android 4.3?

According to a recent leak, Samsung is planning on skipping Android version 4.2.2 altogether for Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note and heading straight towards 4.3 Jelly Bean. A picture of S III featuring 4.3 Jelly Bean was also released from the same source i.e. Samsung’s R&D centre in India to confirm this piece of news.

The news is expected to be officially released on the 24th at Google’s event this week. Rumour has it that there are two professional teams working simultaneously on the updates for both versions of Android for Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note respectively. But because of the constant hard work and providing endless updates Samsung might just dump version 4.2.2 and will focus all of its energy on 4.3 Jelly Bean.


The basic reason for the delay in the update for Galaxy S III to Android 4.2.2 was because after some testing Samsung decided to release the update of 4.3 and skip a step altogether.

S III, released in 2012 is still a very powerful Samsung product. with a 1.4 GHz quad-core Exynos 4 chipset, 1 GB of RAM, a 4.8″ HD (1280 x 720) Super AMOLED display and a 2100 mAh battery life, fast Android OS updates only makes the whole package more desirable for this once-a-flagship 2013 mid-range option. And that is also why Samsung remains to be on the top of the list because no other company provides such rapid updates.


Apple Developer Center Compromised

Apple’s developer site unexpectedly crashed last Thursday leaving many people guessing who exactly was responsible behind this massive happening. Ibrahim Balic, a Turkish security researcher from the UK confessed being the person causing troubles for Apple. He claimed to have found 13 bugs within the website system which enabled him to access some of the user information. He also demonstrated one of the bugs in a YouTube video, where he appears to be accessing a list of developer names and user IDs.

Ibrahim claims to have gone to Apple with his findings and showed them the details of 73 developers account and offered help. He insisted that his actions were legal and ethical and in order to prove his point he has to publish the details.

As a result, Apple closed down the website instead claiming to be working on its maintenance.  Apple released a statement name “We’ll be back soon” to explain the hacking attempted.

apple hacked

“Last Thursday, an intruder attempted to secure personal information of our registered developers from our developer website. Sensitive personal information was encrypted and cannot be accessed, however, we have not been able to rule out the possibility that some developers’ names, mailing addresses, and/or email addresses may have been accessed. In the spirit of transparency, we want to inform you of the issue. We took the site down immediately on Thursday and have been working around the clock since then.”

Apple is currently working on overlapping the previous system completely. The servers and the database will be rebuilt. They did not further elaborate on it nor did they comment on the previous system’s flaws.

Membership of the developers will be extended as per Apple’s statement but the reopening of the portal is still not confirmed.

Rovio Announced Angry Birds Star Wars II

Angry Birds has been the most popular game since 2009. With its amazing features, clear graphics and interesting levels it has taken the world of gaming by storm as mobile users eagerly download the game to be the first to clear all levels.

With the ultimate success of all the previous versions of Angry Birds, Rovio- the company behind the game and in collaboration with Activision announced a brand new Angry Birds Star Wars version with the promise of utmost entertainment and fun.


Angry Birds Star Wars II is going to be released on 19th September, 2013. According to Rovio’s official blog

Today we’re extremely excited to announce the arrival of Angry Birds Star Wars II, launching on September 19 across app stores worldwide!:

It has been specifically designed for Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, 3DS and Vita. It comes with the promise of 20 fascinating levels that has never been seen before. It will also have the existing 200 levels from the mobile game version with the added feature of multiple players. There will be trophies, achievements, leader boards, unlockable bonus content and multiplayer offer supporting up to four players at a time.

This is anticipated to be the second largest release of angry birds on consoles after the success of Angry Birds Trilogy last year. It came out in November last year and received a positive critic response. IGN gave the game 8.8, saying “Angry Birds Star Wars is a great example of how to evolve a long-running franchise & integrate a beloved brand.”

Fulham FC acquired by a Pakistani-Born Billionaire

This Friday on the 13th of July, 62 year old Shahid Khan became the new owner of Premier League’s club, Fulham. The price of the deal is still not revealed but it is reported to be around $220 million, totally debt-free.

Shahid Khan owns NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars since 2011. He is quite an admired figure in Jacksonville because of his success. Shahid was born in Lahore, Pakistan and came to America at the age of 16 in 1967 to study engineering at the University of Illinois. After completing his degree he set out on an unstoppable journey of success.


The Fulham website says about Khan “his personable approach, enthusiasm and bold vision for the Jaguars have since made him a popular figure in Jacksonville and throughout the NFL”.

Khan purchased the Fulham club from the long-time Egyptian owner Mohamed Al Fayed, who has been the owner since 1997, in the hopes to strengthen his bonds with the British capital and to make arrangement for his NFL team to play in Britain. They are scheduled to play four consecutive seasons in London starting this October.

“Fulham is the perfect club at the perfect time for me,” Khan said in a statement. “I want to be clear; I do not view myself so much as the owner of Fulham, but a custodian of the club on behalf of its fans. My priority is to ensure the club and Craven Cottage each have a viable and sustainable Premier League future that fans of present and future generations can be proud of.”

Al Fayed, 82 year old business is all set for retirement so that he could spend time with his grandchildren. He rescued the club at its hours of need and made it into a success within the premier league.

“Now is the right time for me to retire and spend time playing football with my grandchildren,” Fayed said in a statement. “I am sad but proud of our achievements. I am very grateful to Fulham’s fans, the most incredible fans in the world. They have given me their support and affection whenever they have seen me at home games. I would never let them down.”

Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay footage released

Rockstar has finally released the footage of GTA V this Tuesday making it the hottest topic in the gaming world. It comes with the promise of unlimited thrill and action. Form the video the game appears to be very smooth and intriguing with very responsive graphics and realistic animation.

The trailer starts with a woman’s voice introducing the rejuvenated game with its three main lead characters which is a new feature for GTA since there has always been one main character. The characters are Michael- once successful bank robber, Franklin- convinced he is surrounded by morons and Trevor- the less said about him the better. During the game, the player gets to switch between these three characters to complete the missions and call backup when needed. This makes the mission highly diversified and intense.


When not on a mission, players can switch characters, roam around and see what their friends are up to at different locations. There is a whole new world to be seen and explored, customized cars to drive, planes to fly, unlimited shopping, beaches, diving, new people to meet and befriend, mountains and oceans to discover and multiple sports. One can never get tired of living in the world of GTAV five!

Besides all the fun and excitement there is business that needs taking care of. They are after all very dangerous people living on the verge of danger dealing with criminal activities to make ends meet in a big way. After conducting a successful mission and dividing up the profit the player chooses how to spend his share of the money. Either they can buy expensive gadgets, trendy clothes or invest the money on stock exchange for future returns.

GTA V also features the online mode which lets you know about your friend’s progress with the game as well. It will be released before or after PS4 and Xbox on this September.