78.2 Million Xbox 360s Sold Worldwide

Microsoft confirms that they have sold nearly 78.2 million Xbox around the globe since it’s initially release in 2005. 1 million Xbox were sold last month therefore pushing the total near to 80 million. These findings were published in the latest earnings report by Microsoft.

The sales from last month are actually lower than 1.1 million of the same month last year indicating a slight drift downwards. But the company is still expecting to achieve the 80 million mark before the release of Xbox One in November which is priced at $500.


Xbox Live has been constantly growing and is expected to grow further before the year ends. The company said

“Entertainment and Devices Division grew 8% for the fourth quarter and 6% for the full year. During the quarter, transactional revenue within Xbox LIVE grew nearly 20%, and we unveiled our next-generation gaming and entertainment console, Xbox One.”

In comparison with PlayStation 3 sales which are estimated to be around 77 million Xbox is still on the lead. Meanwhile, the original Wii has left them both gaping as it leads the race with the sales of approximately 100 million up to date and expecting a further increase.