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Lost Planet 3 – Better than the Critics Gave it Credit For

Lost Planet the original game was a delight! Giant creatures to slay on a snow covered planet,

responsive controls and a good story. It wasn’t a smashing success, but it kept the user interest, and hence a sequel was announced. Things went pretty downhill for Capcom from there. The sequel had buggy controls and glitches, so I guess when the third part of the game was announced, gamers and critics alike didn’t put much stock in it.

The story of the third installment takes place 50 years in the past and traces the origin of the first settlers on an alien planet sent there to mine for T-Energy. T-Energy is supposedly the answer to solving earth’s energy crisis. The story is simplistic but works just fine as further down the line it unravels secrets and sub plots. The game play is interesting with putting a whole arsenal of new weaponry at the player’s disposal and introducing a cover system. There are plenty of alien bugs to squash and roaming about in the giant mech suit, which is rendered perfectly.

The game AI is fairly decent but sometimes tends to overwhelm with too many enemies on the screen. When faced with such a situation, the best option is to hightail it out of there. The most incredible and memorable phase of the game has got to be the final boss; in fact, all the boss fights are pretty immersive. The bosses can’t be defeated by simply blowing them full of holes! Oh no, you have to figure out the weakness of each individual boss to bring it down systematically.

I don’t know why the critics didn’t show this game any love and ranked it so low. It’s a huge (in every sense of the word) improvement over the previous installment.