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Subway Surfers visits Beijing

Subway Surfers has now gone to Beijing. You can get the update from Google play. It comes with many new features and enhancements including:

What’s new in Subway surfers Beijing:
-Explore mystical China with acrobatic Sun, the Beijing limited character
-Reach the rooftops and explore the heights with the amazing new Power Jumper
-Find the hidden dragons along the Subway tracks and unlock weekly prizes
-Personalize Fresh with the cool new Sport Outfit and Funk Outfit

There is also a new Beijing special character i,e Sun which maybe unlocked by using over 50,000 coins.

ss beijing

Get SubwaySurfers with unlimit coins&keys


New Android 4.3 Unveiled

Later than anticipated but Google has finally unveiled the most awaited Android 4.3 version this Wednesday in San Francisco. It is not entirely different from the previous versions nor does it have a lot of new things to go gaga for, but some of its features like performance improvements and restricted profile features are worth it all. Technically it is still an advance version of Jelly Bean given the fact that it hasn’t changed much. This may also be disappointing for the customers who have been waiting for Key Lime Pie since Google I/O in May.

android 4.3

The general framework is same as the previous version. The home screen and app draws appear to be same and Google Now, Search, and Notifications all feel familiar. But some additions have definitely been made.

Multi-User Restricted Profile is the main essence of this version. It lets you control the usage of apps and other contents on a user level. It was already available in 4.2.2 but the restricted feature was long due. This is expected to be a big hit especially among the parents who can now monitor their child’s activities easily. Google is obviously trying to lure more customers by offering such unique feature. It will also help developer to built app-in restriction.

Bluetooth Smart Technology is another intriguing feature, though the availability of it now on android came as no surprise to the users since it has been available on IOS since 2012. It allows you to connect with the newer generation of power-efficient accessories that use Bluetooth Smart causing less strain on the battery as well.

Open GL ES 3.0 was incorporated in android 4.3 to make the gamers happy and it certainly did the trick. With enhanced features and clear graphics it makes 4.3 a better version for gaming. Google’s demo showed us impressive textures, lens flares, and reflections that the older OS would have had trouble displaying.

Besides the above mentioned additions a lot of improvements have also been made, for example autocomplete Android Dialer, Emoji keyboard and Wi-Fi scan-only mode.

This is expected to be a big hit among the android users by Google.


Samsung Galaxy S III running Android 4.3?

According to a recent leak, Samsung is planning on skipping Android version 4.2.2 altogether for Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note and heading straight towards 4.3 Jelly Bean. A picture of S III featuring 4.3 Jelly Bean was also released from the same source i.e. Samsung’s R&D centre in India to confirm this piece of news.

The news is expected to be officially released on the 24th at Google’s event this week. Rumour has it that there are two professional teams working simultaneously on the updates for both versions of Android for Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note respectively. But because of the constant hard work and providing endless updates Samsung might just dump version 4.2.2 and will focus all of its energy on 4.3 Jelly Bean.


The basic reason for the delay in the update for Galaxy S III to Android 4.2.2 was because after some testing Samsung decided to release the update of 4.3 and skip a step altogether.

S III, released in 2012 is still a very powerful Samsung product. with a 1.4 GHz quad-core Exynos 4 chipset, 1 GB of RAM, a 4.8″ HD (1280 x 720) Super AMOLED display and a 2100 mAh battery life, fast Android OS updates only makes the whole package more desirable for this once-a-flagship 2013 mid-range option. And that is also why Samsung remains to be on the top of the list because no other company provides such rapid updates.



Rovio Announced Angry Birds Star Wars II

Angry Birds has been the most popular game since 2009. With its amazing features, clear graphics and interesting levels it has taken the world of gaming by storm as mobile users eagerly download the game to be the first to clear all levels.

With the ultimate success of all the previous versions of Angry Birds, Rovio- the company behind the game and in collaboration with Activision announced a brand new Angry Birds Star Wars version with the promise of utmost entertainment and fun.


Angry Birds Star Wars II is going to be released on 19th September, 2013. According to Rovio’s official blog

Today we’re extremely excited to announce the arrival of Angry Birds Star Wars II, launching on September 19 across app stores worldwide!:

It has been specifically designed for Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, 3DS and Vita. It comes with the promise of 20 fascinating levels that has never been seen before. It will also have the existing 200 levels from the mobile game version with the added feature of multiple players. There will be trophies, achievements, leader boards, unlockable bonus content and multiplayer offer supporting up to four players at a time.

This is anticipated to be the second largest release of angry birds on consoles after the success of Angry Birds Trilogy last year. It came out in November last year and received a positive critic response. IGN gave the game 8.8, saying “Angry Birds Star Wars is a great example of how to evolve a long-running franchise & integrate a beloved brand.”

Subway Surfers now in Paris

Subway surfers now brings its cool characters to France, Paris. Run as fast as you can dodge those fast incoming trains to escape from the chasing dog and inspector.

Subway surfers Paris brings streets of Paris, find hidden rewards, new outfits and all new special Paris character, Coco.


You can get the updated version from Google play now.

Credits: RyuDroid

Candy Crush Saga Unlimited Lives cheat

Candy crush Saga is one of the most famous addictive puzzle android game on Google play. You can connect your Facebook account with the game and play against your friends which makes the game more exciting.

In Candy crush saga, you have limited lives to complete puzzled levels. If you run short of lives, you either have to ask your FAcebook friends, wait for some hours or purchase lives bofore you can play next level. If you are looking to get unlimited lives in the game, follow the instructions below!

Candy Crush Saga Unlimited Lives cheat for Android

Step 1: Delete Candy crush saga from your phone. [Note: Please connect your Facebook account with the game before deleting it so that your game's progress is saved]

Step 2: Download the candy crush saga apk file from one of the links below and install it on your android device.

Download link 1: Mediafire

Download link 2: Zippyshare

Step 3: Run the game and connect your Facebook account. Your game’s progress will be restored and you will have unlimited lives!


That’s it. If you run into problems, leave a comment below. Enjoy

Where’s my Mickey for iOS and Android

After Disney’s huge success with amazing puzzle games like where’s my water and where’s my Perry, they now feature a new puzzle game named as ‘Where’s my mickey’. The game follows the same concept as of Where’s my water and where’s my Perry with different colors, theme and puzzles.

wheres my mickey

Just like where’s my water, you have to make the waters way down to the pipelines, all the way to Mickey who is waiting to collect water in the bucket.


The game features a whole new look and a bunch of new ways to solve the puzzles.

Where’s My Mickey? introduces a whole new world of life-like physics-based gameplay with stimulating weather mechanics and humorous animations. Immerse yourself in the ultimate mobile gaming experience as you watch funny episodes while solving challenging puzzles! Tap, swipe, and swirl to help Mickey collect water and complete each story. Every drop counts!

Where’s my mickey is capped at the price of $0.99 for both Android and iOS.

Sony Xperia L Review

Sony introduces yet another elegantly designed Xperia L. This is the latest addition to the Xperia family after Xperia Z. The phone itself is magnificent and is a mid-range phone priced at about $250.

It is not an exceptionally outstanding phone but with a 1GHz dual-core MSM8230 processor, 1GB RAM and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean it does pretty well. It comes with a matted curved back with a glossy finish. This design is different from all the smart phones currently in the market. The edges also protect the phone in case of a fall unless dropped straight on its face. It is available in three colours; red, black and white. It is sleek and stylish and looks good to the eyes.


When compared with Xperia Z, it is slightly lighter weights at 137g but a bit thicker at 9.7mm. It has a 4.3 qHD display having a 854×480 resolution, it also has an 8GB internal storage with an additional storage capacity up to 32GB.

The camera is 8MP with the shooting ability of 1080 p HD. It comes with a backside-illuminated camera sensor. This improves the picture quality to great extent making the pictures more clear and capturing more details. The image quality is best seen so far in any Xperia phone. It works exceptionally well under low light, day light pictures are also good. Video quality, on the other hand, drops down under low light.

Sony Xperia L

All the apps work pretty smoothly with no hurdles. The android version used has been revised in order to overcome complaints and make it as smooth as possible. One of the changes is the drop-down box that lets you see the most used and the recently installed application.

Overall the phone has the ability to be among the best phones available in the market.

Samsung Galaxy NX unveiled

The stunningly designed mirrorless camera by Samsung is due to be released on 20th of June officially at the “Samsung premiere” press event in London. Prior to the release some pictures of the camera has been leaked online thanks to Vietnamese website If the released pictures are any indication of the truth, then this camera appears to be very different from the existing Samsung Galaxy camera.


Galaxy NX (model number EK-GN120) is bigger in size with a 4’3 inch touch screen with qHD display. It will be packed with Samsung’s Exynos 4 quad-core processor along with 2GB of RAM. It will either offer 8GB or 16GB of internal storage. The leaked pictures indicate that Samsung will also be offering additional three lens option including a 18-55mm lens, a, 18-200 lens, and an 85mm prime lens. The camera is rumoured to feature a 20.3MP APS-C sensor with support for ISO up to 25,600, and 1080p video capture.

The design is somewhat similar to Samsung NX20 but supports some new added features. Rumour has it, Galaxy NX will be supporting Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean making sharing and editing of the pictures much easier for the user. The camera is intended to target the professional market with its high quality and exceptional features.

The exact price and statics are still unknown. Guess we all will have to wait till 20th June to know all the exciting details.

Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S4 Active announced

This summer the android lovers will be receiving yet another intriguing surprise in the form of Galaxy S4 active. S4 active is a brand new device which is dust-proof and water-resistant. Rumour has it that Samsung has been working on S4 Active even before S4 but the release has just been confirmed in UK, Sweden and Australia. The exact price and release date is still not known. S4 Active is bound to give tough competition to Sony Xperia Z which supports dust-proof and water-resistant technology as well.


Most of the features are same as S4 like eye tracking and health monitoring. The new ‘Aqua Mode’ is something to be excited about as it allows the user to take pictures and make videos under water for about 30 minutes, it can be easily activated by pressing the volume key for quick access. The camera, on the other hand, has been degraded to 8 mega pixels from the original 13 mega pixels supported by S4. This phone is basically designed for the people living an active life and who loves exploring high mountains and rough rives as having said by Samsung.

S4 active slightly differs in appearance from S4; it is a little tall, wider with physical buttons on its front. It has a 1.90 GHz Quad-Core processor with android Jelly Bean Version 4.2 as its operating system and a 5.0-inch full HD TFT LCD screen. According to the sources, it has an internal storage of 8GB with an additional storage of up to 64GB along with wifi connectivity.


Samsung is now targeting niche market with its elegantly designed S4 Active. This will also be a welcoming addition to the Samsung galaxy S4 family after S4 and S4 mini which has been an instant success among the users.