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Fulham FC acquired by a Pakistani-Born Billionaire

This Friday on the 13th of July, 62 year old Shahid Khan became the new owner of Premier League’s club, Fulham. The price of the deal is still not revealed but it is reported to be around $220 million, totally debt-free.

Shahid Khan owns NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars since 2011. He is quite an admired figure in Jacksonville because of his success. Shahid was born in Lahore, Pakistan and came to America at the age of 16 in 1967 to study engineering at the University of Illinois. After completing his degree he set out on an unstoppable journey of success.


The Fulham website says about Khan “his personable approach, enthusiasm and bold vision for the Jaguars have since made him a popular figure in Jacksonville and throughout the NFL”.

Khan purchased the Fulham club from the long-time Egyptian owner Mohamed Al Fayed, who has been the owner since 1997, in the hopes to strengthen his bonds with the British capital and to make arrangement for his NFL team to play in Britain. They are scheduled to play four consecutive seasons in London starting this October.

“Fulham is the perfect club at the perfect time for me,” Khan said in a statement. “I want to be clear; I do not view myself so much as the owner of Fulham, but a custodian of the club on behalf of its fans. My priority is to ensure the club and Craven Cottage each have a viable and sustainable Premier League future that fans of present and future generations can be proud of.”

Al Fayed, 82 year old business is all set for retirement so that he could spend time with his grandchildren. He rescued the club at its hours of need and made it into a success within the premier league.

“Now is the right time for me to retire and spend time playing football with my grandchildren,” Fayed said in a statement. “I am sad but proud of our achievements. I am very grateful to Fulham’s fans, the most incredible fans in the world. They have given me their support and affection whenever they have seen me at home games. I would never let them down.”


Trouble in Messi’s Paradise

26 years old Argentine national, Lionel Messi and his father Jorge Horacio are accused of defrauding the Spanish authorities of more than 4m euros (£3.4m). This accusation was an enormous blow to four-time soccer World Player of the Year Lionel Messi’s image and prestige. Messi and his father, on the other hand denied all the allegations.

He wrote on his Facebook page, after the allegations became known last week: “We have never committed any infringement. We have always fulfilled all our tax obligations.”

The accusation was made by prosecutor Raquel Amado of hiding Messi’s true earnings from Spain’s tax authorities. They are said to have established companies abroad-in Belize and Uruguay- in order to hide the money and sell the rights to use Messi’s image. According to the prosecutor the fraud was committed sometime between the years 2007-2009.

sad messi

On Thursday, a judge accepted the case and set 17 September as the date of hearing. The judge will then decide whether to proceed further on the case or not. Messi and his father, who is said to be the “Master mind” behind the plan, are to report for the hearing on the set date. Meanwhile, his passport has been abducted in order to stop him from leaving Spain. The set date of hearing may also interfere with the opening match of the premier league where Messi is expected to play.

Lionel Messi’s net salary from Barcelona is said to be around 16m Euros a year, making him one of the highest paid footballers of the world. He also has income related to his image rights included contracts with Banco Sabadell, Danone, Adidas, Pepsi-Cola, Proctor and Gamble and the Kuwait Food Company. The president of Barcelona FC, Sandro Rosell, has said the club has no doubt that the superstar is innocent of tax avoidance and he will be playing the matches irrespective of the allegations.


2013-2014 Premier League Fixtures Announced

epl fixturesThe most awaited day for the diehard football fans is finally here! The fixtures for 2013-2014 have been announced. All the 72 clubs from the championship; League One and League Two, found out who they will be facing this season, starting from August 3 2013 to May 3 2014 before the annual end-of-season playoffs.

All the opening premier league games will be played on the weekend of August 17-19.

This season starts off with Manchester United facing Swansea City marking the beginning of David Moyes career as Sir Alex Ferguson’s successor. The red devil fans seem to be looking forward to a thrilling start.

Manchester City will be welcomed by Etihad Stadium hosts Newcastle United on the opening day.

Jose Mourinho, Chelsea’s boss will be welcomed by Hull City in west London. This will be his second big game as Chelsea’s boss.

Cardiff City’s first ever premier league game will be against West Ham United. On the other hand, Crystal Palace will be welcoming Tottenham to Selhurst Park.

Arsenal will be welcoming Aston Villa for a tough looking game at their home ground; the Emirates Stadium in north London.

Stoke City boss, Mark Hughes will be preparing for his battle against Brendan Rodgers’ Liverpool.

West Brom will be preparing to face Southampton, while Roberto Martinez begins his Everton tenure with a trip to Norwich City.

Sunderland will begin their campaign with a home game against Fulham.

The season comes to an end on May 11, with three of the expected title chasers finishing on the road. Chelsea heads to Cardiff, Manchester United goes to Southampton and Arsenal will be at Norwich, with Manchester City at home facing West Ham.

The season promises to be as exciting as ever with new world records and unforgettable moments to come. You can view full season fixtures at Premier League’s official website.


Man Utd to bring Ronado back but will he come back?

Manchester united- the red devils are faced with the biggest challenge of all times to secure a transfer deal with 28 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo. Rumour has it that they are willing to go as high as £85m to complete the biggest transfer in the history of British football and make Ronaldo the highest paid player.

Ronaldo seems to keep his options open and not decide anything yet. He didn’t deny Manchester United’s offer nor did he agreed to finalizing the renewal of his contract with Real Madrid. It is rumoured that Ronaldo turned down the offers from Real Madrid to sign a new deal with only two years left on his current contract. Real will not give up trying to keep him. But they have also made plans to bring in Gareth Bale from Tottenham in a switch that is worth £80m.


Ronald demands around £35m a year gross wages PLUS all his image rights. This is more than double of his current £185,000-a-week salary. He says that it is not about being greedy but proving to be the best player in the world. Seems like he is determine to leave Lionel Messi behind in this regard who is currently receiving £14m a year and already has a 100 per cent image rights agreement with his club.

Manchester united fans will no doubt be thrilled to see Ronaldo wearing a red jersey again but that depends on if the red devils are desperate enough to agree to all his demands. He left Manchester United in 2009 for £80m but still kept in touch with Alex Ferguson and his playmates.

Ronaldo’s transfer seems to the hot topic in the world of football, everybody is eager to know the outcome of his intriguing chase between Madrid and Man United. share your thoughts in the comments section below.

10 Most Expensive football transfers

The amount of cash used in football does not come as a surprise to anyone of us. With the passage of time that cash seem to reach extraordinary heights. The prices of players seem to increase every season by millions of dollar.

Football transfers

Here is the list of 10 most expensive football transfers of all time!

10. Sergio Aguero | Manchester City | Value: £39.5m: One of the exceptional players of all times. Though his team didn’t do well but he stood out and made a mark.

9. Edinson Cavani | Napoli | Value: £39.5m: He impressed everybody with his outstanding performance by scoring 97 goals in 131 matches.

8. Hulk | Zenit St. Petersburg | Value: £39.5m: 26 years old Hulk has great zeal for football and he proves that with his superb performance and remains to be one of the excellent players.

7. Neymar | Santos | Value: £44m: 21 years old rising star has stunned the world with his brilliant performance. He comes with the promise to perform equally well in the future.

6. Cesc Fabregas | Barcelona | Value: £48.5m: A supreme midfielder who started playing for Arsenal at the age of 16. He has shown the world how talented he is with his exceptional performance over the years.

5. Radamel Falcao | Atletico Madrid | Value: £53m: An unparalleled goal scorer. He has proved his worth over and over again including in the 2012 Super Cup against Chelsea.

4. Wayne Rooney | Manchester United | Value: £57m: He proved his worth at the age of 16 when he scored his exceptional goal against Arsenal. Since then he has climbed up in his career and never looked back.

3. Andres Iniesta | Barcelona | Value: £61.5m: An all-round terrific midfielder, who played a vital role in the success of Spain and Barcelona. He is worth it.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo| Real Madrid | Value: £88m: The superstar of football. From good looks to electrifying speed he has it all in the palm of his hand. He was the most expensive transfer worth £80m from Manchester United to Real Madrid.

1. Lionel Messi | Barcelona | Value: £105m: A 24 years old trend setter. He has endless unbreakable world records and we are still waiting for more. Barcelona’s most admired player got his success from being the winner of the Ballon d’Or is deservedly worth the most amount of money.

Nicklas Bendtner is all set to leave Arsenal

This season, 25 year old Bendtner, is all set to leave Arsenal for good. He has been playing as a gunner since 2005 and rejected the offer from Hamburg in January claiming that the club wasn’t big enough for him. He is among one of the best strikers with an exceptional world record at the club, but Arsenal has reportedly lowered their asking price at £3m.

Arsenal confirmed that they have received about 4-5 offers for Nicklas from different clubs. Borussia Monchengladbach, Eintracht Frankfurt and Besiktas are among the clubs who offered for him. Arsenal, on the other hand, seems to have no regrets in writing him off their books and cutting him loose.


While speaking to the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet, Nicklas is reported to have said “Arsenal has agreed with five clubs so now it is up to me to make a choice.

I will make that choice within the next 14 days. They are all good clubs. It is a hugely important choice I’m faced with. I must go where I am wanted. As a footballer, there is only one thing that can make you happy: playing time.”

Bendtner has been on loan to Sunderland and Juventus since 2011, both of which turned out to be disappointing. He seems to be eager to move on with his career and find himself a permanent home where he is wanted and appreciated.

“Will it be good for me to go to a big club where I risk the bench? No, I’d rather go somewhere where the club is located just below the top where I can play every week.I can take a step back to take three forward.”

He will declare his choice publically within the next fortnight.

Super Bowl 47 is about to be kicked off

The much anticipated tournament, Super bowl 2013, is about to get started between Ravens and 49ers. Over 100 million people are waiting to watch super bowl 47 which is about to be kicked off in 3 hours from now.

The 47th Super Bowl tournament will be held at Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, LA between Baltimore Ravens and San Fransisco 49ers. The game is scheduled to be kicked off at 6:30 PM according to Eastern Time.

According to recent voting, there are 48% chances that Ravens will win and 52% chances go into 49ers favor. Ravens have won last three matches against 49ers but still they are favorites this evening.

Those who are looking to watch super bowl live, will have to buy nfl pass. You can also listen to super bowl 47 if you are not willing to spend money for live streaming.


David Beckham joins PSG Football Club

Famous football star, former Manchester United, Real Madrid and LA Galaxy player, David Beckham, has made a move to French Ligue side’s club Paris St-Germain. The 37 years old has signed a five months contract with PSG and has announced that he will donate all his salary to children’s charity in Paris. He said in a statement:

“I’m excited, it’s something we’ve been working on and talking about for quite a while. I won’t receive any salary. My salary will go to a local children’s charity. That’s one of the things we are excited and proud to do. It’s something the guys [PSG management] do, but obviously it’s a very good figure. That’s one thing we’re very excited about. To be able to give a huge sum to a children’s charity in Paris is very special.”

Beckham psg 32 shirt

Former England captain and mid-fielder had over 12 offers from different clubs but he opted for Paris St-Germain.

“I’m 37 years old and was offered a lot of offers, more now than I’ve had in my career, and at my age. I’m honored by that. I chose Paris because I can see what the club are trying to do, I can see the players the club are bringing in.”

PSG are currently leading in the French league. The club already has some great players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva. Beckham is really excited to play alongside with Ibrahimovic.

“[Ibrahimovic] is one of the players I’m excited to play alongside. Ibra was someone I’ve watched for many years, in my early days playing for England against Sweden, and I always felt he could be one of the best players in the world.”

Beckham believes that he has a lot of experience and despite of his age, he can still play football just like he did in his young age.

“I have a lot of experience, I’m 37 years old, I’ve won over 13 or 14 championships in my career, played for some of the biggest clubs and with some of the best players in the world.”I’m still fit, I can still play like I did when I was 21. I’ve not lost any of my pace because I didn’t have any pace. And the lure of being part of one of the biggest European clubs at the moment, with one of the best managers”

A little history from this amazing role-model cum football star. Beckham moved from Manchester United football club to Real Madrid in 2003. He then moved from Real Madrid to LA Galaxy in 2007. He also went to Ac Milan on loan in 2009-2010.

Beckham will surely attract more fans and viewers in Paris. He is aiming to win league title in 4th country in his career having already won titles at Man United, Madrid and La Galaxy.


Copa Del Rey finalist to be decided on Camp Nou

El Clasico was again on Bernabeu where Real Madrid is unbeaten for 3 games in a row against Barcelona.

The whites started the game on a high level causing big pressure to the catalonians . From the first minute after a Ronaldo’s dribbling Pique got a yellow card after faulting at him. The same Ronaldo hit the free kick under the crossbar but Pinto was in place and saved his team from an earlier goal.

Barcelona’s intention was to calm the spirits down and to impose it’s own game style by keeping the ball and playing with short passes. First half ended with no goals even if it was a very intense with many chances for both of the teams.

The second half started as the first one, but Real’s supremacy lasted only until the 50th minute when after a huge defense misunderstanding Fabregas went 1-on-1 with the newest Real acquisition goalkeeper Diego Lopez. There wasn’t much he could do in that situation.

0:1 for Barcelona and the game was totally changed.

Mourinho reacted only on the 57th minute when he decided to send on the pitch Modric and Callejon. Even if Real was having more and more chances of scoring they couldn’t make it through because of the brilliant Barcelona’s defense.

Even so the defence crashed on the 81st minute when Ozile sent a beautiful air-cross in the penalty area where Varane jumped higher than everyone and gave to Real it’s well deserved goal.

It’s worth mentioning the perfect play of white’s defender Varane who besides of scoring also won some amazing tackles in the defense, saving Real from other goals.

1:1 is the final score and the Cup finalist will be decided on Camp Nou in a month.