Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay footage released

Rockstar has finally released the footage of GTA V this Tuesday making it the hottest topic in the gaming world. It comes with the promise of unlimited thrill and action. Form the video the game appears to be very smooth and intriguing with very responsive graphics and realistic animation.

The trailer starts with a woman’s voice introducing the rejuvenated game with its three main lead characters which is a new feature for GTA since there has always been one main character. The characters are Michael- once successful bank robber, Franklin- convinced he is surrounded by morons and Trevor- the less said about him the better. During the game, the player gets to switch between these three characters to complete the missions and call backup when needed. This makes the mission highly diversified and intense.


When not on a mission, players can switch characters, roam around and see what their friends are up to at different locations. There is a whole new world to be seen and explored, customized cars to drive, planes to fly, unlimited shopping, beaches, diving, new people to meet and befriend, mountains and oceans to discover and multiple sports. One can never get tired of living in the world of GTAV five!

Besides all the fun and excitement there is business that needs taking care of. They are after all very dangerous people living on the verge of danger dealing with criminal activities to make ends meet in a big way. After conducting a successful mission and dividing up the profit the player chooses how to spend his share of the money. Either they can buy expensive gadgets, trendy clothes or invest the money on stock exchange for future returns.

GTA V also features the online mode which lets you know about your friend’s progress with the game as well. It will be released before or after PS4 and Xbox on this September.