usb debugging on nexus 7

How to Enable USB debugging on Google Nexus 7

Nexus 7 is a great Android tablet out there in the market. It is reliable, fast and cheap as well. Normally, in android devices, we enable USB debugging mode by going to Settings and then to Developer options. But in case of Nexus 7, the procedure is slightly different and tricky. If you go to settings of your Nexus 7, you will find out that there is no developer options available there. So here’s you you do it.

Enable USB debugging/Developer options on Google Nexus 7

Step 1. Go to Settings >> About Tablet.

Step 2. Find Build Number at the end of the list.

nexus 7

Step 3. Repeatedly tap on Build Number. You will see a pop-up message saying ‘You are 4 steps away from being a developer’.

Step 4. Keep tapping it until the pop up message says ‘You are now a developer’


Now go back to settings and enjoy your newly created developer options.


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