How to fix Insufficient storage available error in Android

Today I came accross with a strange error while downloading an app from Google play on my rooted Samsung Galaxy SII. It said ‘Insufficient storage available‘ while I had over 6GB of free space. I rebooted my device, cleared Google Play’s cache but none of that worked.

insufficient storage available error

Luckily, I found a fix for this problem in lucky patcher. Lucky patcher is actually a third party app to crack/patch paid Google play apps. So here’s how you can fix this error. Your device must be rooted to be able to use lucky patcher.

How to fix Insufficient storage available error in Android

1. Download Lucky Patcher

2. Place lucky patcher into your SD card and install it using any file manager you prefer.

3. Run it and then press menu key and go to Troubleshooting.

4. Choose Remove fixes and backups and then finally reboot your device to fix this dreadful error.


20 thoughts on “How to fix Insufficient storage available error in Android

  1. kolin nuwan

    Try to clear data from the play store in the application manager. If that doesn’t work, clear it again along with Google services framework. You’ll need to sign in to your Google account again.
    See if that works, did for me on my galaxy player 5.0

  2. Ramde23

    tried it, at first I thought problem was fixed. tried installing new app still get error about insufficient space I have 1.7GB free space

  3. Rick Barnett

    The error must be a rooted thing. I had lucky patcher on my phone and your advice was spot on. TY

    I forgot to reboot but worked anyway.

  4. Lissa Nubla

    I was in the 4th step and in the “Remove fixes and backups”, then there was an error saying “No root access found!…..” What do I do now?

  5. Naim Tingtong

    lucky patcher could not be viewed. free up some space on your phone and try again, =-=

  6. Fareham Wine Cellar

    Thanks – I have been pulling my hair out for ages trying to sort this out!!

  7. Jon Goodwin

    Unfortunately lucky did not work for me on my t mobile galaxy s4. I resolved this issue today thank god by doing the following. Follow this and let me know if it works for you.
    First step is go into a file explorer with root access. Second in the root directory click on data, once in the data folder click on app-lib folder. Last step is scroll down to the data folder for the app you are trying to update or install and delete it. Thrn go into the market and try to install. It worked for me n I hope it does for you.

    1. Josie

      Worked for me! Thank you SO much for this post. I was going insane trying to fix this error. I had downloaded quite a few apps trying to get this fixed. I was on the verge of wiping my HTC One and starting from scratch. Thanks again!

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