New Android 4.3 Unveiled

Later than anticipated but Google has finally unveiled the most awaited Android 4.3 version this Wednesday in San Francisco. It is not entirely different from the previous versions nor does it have a lot of new things to go gaga for, but some of its features like performance improvements and restricted profile features are worth it all. Technically it is still an advance version of Jelly Bean given the fact that it hasn’t changed much. This may also be disappointing for the customers who have been waiting for Key Lime Pie since Google I/O in May.

android 4.3

The general framework is same as the previous version. The home screen and app draws appear to be same and Google Now, Search, and Notifications all feel familiar. But some additions have definitely been made.

Multi-User Restricted Profile is the main essence of this version. It lets you control the usage of apps and other contents on a user level. It was already available in 4.2.2 but the restricted feature was long due. This is expected to be a big hit especially among the parents who can now monitor their child’s activities easily. Google is obviously trying to lure more customers by offering such unique feature. It will also help developer to built app-in restriction.

Bluetooth Smart Technology is another intriguing feature, though the availability of it now on android came as no surprise to the users since it has been available on IOS since 2012. It allows you to connect with the newer generation of power-efficient accessories that use Bluetooth Smart causing less strain on the battery as well.

Open GL ES 3.0 was incorporated in android 4.3 to make the gamers happy and it certainly did the trick. With enhanced features and clear graphics it makes 4.3 a better version for gaming. Google’s demo showed us impressive textures, lens flares, and reflections that the older OS would have had trouble displaying.

Besides the above mentioned additions a lot of improvements have also been made, for example autocomplete Android Dialer, Emoji keyboard and Wi-Fi scan-only mode.

This is expected to be a big hit among the android users by Google.