Temple Run 2 For Android Devices coming on 24th January

As Temple Run 2 has made it’s way to the App store, Android users are desperately waiting to get their hands on it. Imangi Studios has announced that they are debugging the app for android platform and it should be released on 24h January. Here’s what they said:

“We really wanted to try and do a simultaneous release, but being a small team I feel that the iOS launch is overwhelming enough! Let’s give ourselves one more week to iron out any problems we haven’t spotted”.

Temple Run 2 has already hit the number one spot on the App store in many countries. It is really amazing and fun game to play. With 50 million downloads of  the original Temple Run on Google Play, Temple Run 2 is certainly going to be a super hit when it gets released for Android.


3 thoughts on “Temple Run 2 For Android Devices coming on 24th January

  1. jp york

    I’ve already downloaded and installed Temple Run 2 in my Android phone. It’s harder than Temple Run 1. If you swipe early, the big ape appears. It’s still as addicting as the first release, though.

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