Twitter Gets Hacked, 250,000 User’s Data Gets Compromised

The internet is becoming an unsafe place by the passage of each day and this time Twitter has become a victim.

As Engadget reports, the well known social network has had its security broken into on one of its servers this week that might have compromised on your email addresses, passwords and session tokens for roughly around 250,000 users. The good side of the news is that the information all had been encrypted. The real risks posed to users out there are still unknown but none of the less, Twitter hasn’t taken it lightly at all and mentions it hadn’t been just an ordinary script hack.

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That’s right. The intrusion, as they claim had been “extremely sophisticated” and other online companies might be a victim of a similar attack.

You will however, know if you are or are not affected by this breach if you receive an email from Twitter that would ask you to reset your password by force. We at suggest you all to keep strong passwords and take this as a lesson either if you are affected or not. Always keep passwords with different cases for alphabets with a mixture of numbers here and there.


2 thoughts on “Twitter Gets Hacked, 250,000 User’s Data Gets Compromised

  1. skyfire

    Luckily, I’m not one of those 250,000 users. I always make sure that my passwords are not easy to crack. I just hope those 250,000 users changed their passwords into more secure ones.

  2. jp york

    Hackers really have nothing better to do. They’re wasting their talents in doing stuff like this. They could be highly successful and rich programmers if they use their intelligence the right way.

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